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Affordable House Raising on Long Island

The after effects of Hurricane Sandy have been devastating; however, it's clear that residents of some areas of Long Island should begin to take precautionary steps to protect their most valuable investment - their home. House raising is one way to shield your home from ever sustaining flood damage like that of Hurricane Sandy. Also known as House Jacking or House Lifting, elevating your home is a common corrective measure which is quite effective in preventing and/or reducing flood damage.

From residential houses to historical structures we can elevate your house above flood lines safely and efficiently. Our state-of-the-art hydraulic jacking systems give us the capabilities to raise your house or building soundly - in most cases, saving it from demolition.

Safety is Our Number One Concern in any Long Island House Raising Project

Here at Concrete Nation our goal is to raise your house above flood lines safely and effectively. We accomplish this by using the latest in technology and equipment and by strictly adhering to New York State Building Codes. All of our team members work in unison, taking a methodical approach to raising your house on time while remaining within your budget, ensuring damage-free results.

Government Grants for House Raising on Long Island

If you live in an area of Long Island which is in or close to a Flood Zone you may be eligible for one of only a few flood programs which exist here in New York.

  1. The National Flood Insurance Program was enacted by Congress in 1968. It was designed to offer affordable flood insurance to those who live in flood zones not only on Long Island but across the nation. To find out if you live in a Flood Zone on Long Island visit the flood zone map for your county below.
  2. The Flood Mitigation Assistance Program was created by FEMA in 1994 to reduce NFIP claims. Funded entirely by FEMA, monies are appropriated to participating states and/or communities. The funds distributed by this program are to be used for flood mitigation measures such as structural elevation (house raising) or relocation.
  3. As an amendment to the National Flood Insurance Act, FEMA created the Severe Repetitive Loss Program in 2004. This program will most likely not apply to Long Islander's since qualifying properties require at least four NFIP claims where the cumulative amount exceeded the market value of the structure and where two claims took place in any 10 year period. However don't eliminate yourself before consulting with your insurance agent.

Regardless of which program might be right for you and your family, we here at Concrete Nation understand the problems you may be facing as a flood victim because we also live on Long Island and as such, we've had to endure the effects of Hurricane Sandy with you. Our consultants are very familiar with the practices and policies of the NFIP and we will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you get you the best possible flood mitigation and house raising results.


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